Who: Jonathan Miller & Co. is an independent apparel manufacturer sales representative, operated continuously for the last 30 years by Jonathan Miller, who is assisted by his daughter, Claire Farstead, and son, Colin Miller.

What: Jonathan Miller & Co. has developed a specialty representing apparel lines with products that appeal to independent retailers that primarily serve tourists and gift purchasers. Jonathan Miller & Co. currently represents Lazy One, The Mountain, Tommy's Designs, Popularity Products, and Marushka.

Where: Based in Washington State, Jonathan Miller & Co. covers customer accounts primarily in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, as well as nationwide members of the Worldwide Independent Buyer's Group (based in Washington). Jonathan Miller & Co. also attends a number of trade shows in the northwest and around the nation.



Upcoming Trade Shows:

Recent Past Trade Shows:

Jonathan regularly attends the Seattle Gift Show, Alaska Gift Show, Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show, International Gift Exposition in the Smokies, and the Worldwide Trade Show.

A special note about Alaska: You might not have thought much about Alaska. (It's "The Last Frontier," after all.) If a picture is worth a thousand words, we'll let a couple of images from Google Maps explain the basics really quickly:

Here's Ketchikan, Alaska from space:

Here's Ketchikan, Alaska from space, zoomed in on the main retail street.

That's four ships, each carrying 2000-2800 passengers, doubling the population of Ketchikan for the day. The passengers have money in their pockets and they're looking to purchase souvenirs. Also long sleeves and hoodies (it's usually a touch colder than they expected, even in July)! 

And here's Ketchikan, Alaska at street level:

The first stops off the boat in Ketchikan are all the tourist gift shops. 

But it's not just Ketchikan and it's not just one day a year! Jonathan knows where all the boats stop, which retailers are front and center, typical order volume through the year, and how to ship to Alaska.


Why: 30+ years of experience as an independent, self-employed sales representative doesn't just mean "clocking in" for 7,800+ weekdays. It means strong, lasting relationships with manufacturers and recurring business with key retailers. It means a resilient business that has weathered industry changes, business cycles, and fashion trends. More than anything, well-earned honesty and trust are the glue that holds Jonathan, his manufacturers, and his retail customers, together.

How: Have an apparel product that needs representation in all or some of the Pacific Northwest? Contact Jonathan today! You can email him directly at: jmillermax@gmail.com